Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Persistency Pays Off

Hey all,

Just wanted to make a quick post here to say that I did call my orthodontist on Monday and I had to leave a voicemail since he didn't answer.  On the message I left I just said I just wanted to check in and make sure that things got sorted out with my new Suresmile wires, and I wanted to make sure they would be ready for the next appointment.

I called him again the very next day and this time he answered.  He said he got my message and he was glad I called because apparently they hadn't gotten approval for the 2nd plan he said.  I think he was referring to the 2nd set of wires for after surgery.  Anyway he said he sorted it all out after he got my message and got everything approved so they could finally make the wires.  He said they fed ex them next day so there shouldn't be any issues with the delivery or anything and he promised he'd have everything ready for me on 9/10th.  So I'm a little excited just to be feeling almost back on track and actually knowing this time that I'm getting something new done as far as adjustments.  I'm even more glad I called though because I don't feel like he would've looked into that unless I called. I guess it's good to be pro-active after all.

I think I'm even more excited for the meeting after on 9/17 with the surgeon since I haven't seen and/or talked to the guy since Jan 4th when I got my wisdom teeth out.  I'm anxious to hear what he says about my progress and when he thinks realistically we would be able to have the surgery.  Until then, I'll just keep plugging along!  Super excited for Fall, with so much to look forward to I think time will fly!

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