Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Pics

I haven't posted any pics for awhile because I haven't had anything new happen in a few months. No new wires or anything.  I think I'm gonna call this week to make sure that my orthodondist put the order in for the Suresmile wires so that they are ready on 9/10th.  Everybody told me that I need to be more proactive and call them more often just to have them check on things and make sure I'm not wasting anymore trips.  Especially now since my schedule is going to eventually change and I'll need to be taking off from work for them.  I always forget to brush my teeth before taking these pics so just ignore anything stuck in my teeth haha!


  1. Your bite is looking great, well in terms of jaw surgery prep.
    It's true, you really need to stay on top of the ortho for jaw surgery stuff, they seem to be in no rush and things can take so much longer than required if you don't pressure them sometimes.
    Do you have a timeframe for when your surgery will be?

  2. Thanks that's reassuring. I feel like you have a better idea since you're further along than I am. Last I was told is that it might be around Christmas. My gut tells me January. I should have a much better idea once I finally see the surgeon on 9/17th. I haven't seen him since I got my wisdom teeth out Jan 4th so I'm really interested to just hear what he says. I'm one of the few rooting for summer to end!

  3. Your openbite looks very much like mine. My surgery is a week from tomorrow, and I'm nervous as heck. I haven't blogged much about it yet, but I will be blogging about it before the surgery (so this week), and follow up after. I look forward to seeing your results. I haven't found many good before/after pictures for open bite surgery.

    1. I'll keep an eye for it. I definitely want to hear about it and how it goes! Thanks for reading!