Friday, November 23, 2012

Surgery Cost

So I just got a letter today from the surgeon's office saying the total cost was only going to be $6450!  With my insurance covering (hopefully) 80% of that I'm only going to owe like 1200 or so.  That is like nothing compared to what I was expecting.  I'm hoping this includes everything like all hospital costs and all.  It just says on the letter that they have sent a copy of this to the insurance company too.  I'm pretty confident that includes everything though so all I can say is wow.  They give you an extra 5% off if you pay it all in full before the surgery so I'll probably take advantage of that as well.  I might only wind up owing 900 or so which is awesome.  I'm expecting to hear from the surgeon's office next week in order to plan a date so I'll post again soon!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Really quick update

Just wanted to update really quick about my status.  I called the surgeon's office last Thursday to check to see if I had anything due, and the lady said that she had literally just sent in the paperwork to my insurance company right before I called.  I have Aetna as my insurance company and she said that they usually respond pretty quickly so that I should be hearing from them in probably a week or so.  With the holiday I'm guessing I probably won't hear until next week sometime and I should be able to schedule a date then.  I'm thinking most dates are a month and half out from the scheduling point so I guess we are looking at mid January, early Feb.  Hopefully 6-7 months later I can get the braces off in the summer.  Ill post again once I hear back from them. Oh I just noticed im 12 days away from having braces for a whole year.  Seems like yesterday I was just posting on here about finding out I was going to have to get them.  Time sure does fly by.