Thursday, May 23, 2013

Orthodontist Appointment (New Pics)

Hey everyone,

I had my ortho appointment a few days ago.  He was thoroughly impressed with the job the surgeon had done.  He kept raving about it, it was kinda funny.  He kept saying he (my surgeon) made him look good.  He said that typically it takes 6-9 months of orthodontics after surgery to complete the job but he said in my case he is predicting that by the end of the summer I should have my braces removed.  WOOHOO!

My teeth are a little sore from the adjustment.  They put a power strip or whatever you call those things on the bottom teeth to pull them together and close any gaps.  He is turning one of my top teeth on my right side, the one next to my front tooth around just a bit.  He said he needs to close some of the gaps in the back but that mostly the rubber bands would take care of that.  So I'm having to wear 2 rubber bands on each side on the 2nd teeth from the back.  The other is a triangle pattern on each side around my canines.  Its kind of a pain so far even just to get them in and I can barely open my mouth at all at night when I wear them.  I only  have to wear them at night.

As far as surgery recovery, I'm on pace.  I can almost open all the way.  As far as the numbness, I'm still about 30-40% numb on my chin and lower lip.  Everyone keeps telling me that it takes a long time.  I have a friend who had jaw surgery as well and she said it took her like 6 full months before she got all the feeling back so I feel like I'm definitely on pace. My next appointment is on July 9th so hopefully that is my 2nd to last appointment for any final adjustments and then I'll be done by the end of August!  One last thing is I am finally completely done with any dental payments. Thank goodness.  I'll post again after my next appointment in July.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

9 Weeks Post Op and Meeting With Surgeon


I just returned back from another appointment with my surgeon.  He again was pleased at how everything has come along.  He said the numbness should fully subside in due time which is great.  I think I'm about 50/50 in my chin and lip now or maybe even 40/60 (numb/feeling).  He asked me if I was eating and I said yes pretty much whatever fits at this point as long as it isn't too crunchy or hard to bite into.  It was a short meeting, but he asked me what my orthodontist had said and I told him I was waiting for you to give me to go ahead to go back.  He said I was good to go.  The office is literally almost in the same parking lot so I rode over and made an appointment for next Monday.  He said he thinks I only have a couple months left cause there isnt much more work to be done.  I asked for an educated guess and he said he would let them tell me but he thinks 2-3 months.  That's pretty exciting!  He also asked me if I was still wearing the rubber bands and I just told him I ran out even though I didn't haha.  He gave me more and said wear them at night to be safe but once you go to the orthodontist hes going to give me a whole new pattern.  I think I'll just wait for that.  He told me to continue to do the stretch exercises 10 times a day for 10 seconds.  I think the best part was he said don't come back until your braces are off for your final appointment!  I'm really anxious now to get to my appointment on Monday and just ask my ortho straight up when he predicts I'll be out of braces so I can start planning on it!  Lastly I know I've sucked at posting pictures, I'll eventually get some new ones up but as I keep saying, nothing is really any different from the last ones I posted.