Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Braces Off!!!

Sorry for not posting in quite awhile.  I just bought my first home and have been very busy with everything that goes along with that.  I just moved in this past Saturday and lucky for me I got my braces off the very next Tuesday!  I will just say briefly that when they removed them, it was not pleasant at all.  It was pretty uncomfortable and it did hurt a little.  If you get the ceramic or clear braces like I did, they apparently are made of glass and tend to break into pieces when they remove them with this tool.  Mine did break up into a few pieces and one little piece got stuck and it took some strength for him to get it off.  That part wasn't nearly as bothersome as when they shave off the rest of the glue.  It was just really uncomfortable and I didn't like the feeling it sent shocking up into the roots.  But I got through it and they feel fine now.  I was given a retainer after molding right there at the appointment.  It fits super nice and snug.  She said I'm supposed to wear this thing for 9 months, only removing it to eat.  I'm also getting another retainer I guess just for at night in about 4 weeks.  She said after the 9 months I can switch to just wearing the retainer at night and then eventually just a couple nights a week.  She said it's different for each person.  My teeth really weren't that bad to begin with though, it was mainly just my bite so I'm not sure I'll really have to wear these things to the extent they are saying.  It is probably better if I do though.

 I have to be honest, I am still partially numb from the surgery.  I really think it's still coming back slowly but I don't know maybe I'm just being hopeful.  I think I've already accepted the fact that it isn't coming back and it really isnt that bad.  Part of my chin is semi-numb but I can still feel the nerves like a spiderweb in my chin.  If i touch one part i can feel the web of nerves all throughout right to the root of my teeth.  It has no affect on my facial features at all though.  Well I think that is all I have.  I'll still receiving notifications if people find this blog and ask questions and I'll always respond.  I mostly did this for myself to put some thoughts down and read about other people's experiences as well, but if there were people reading along thank you for checking in.  Good luck to you all!