Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Persistency Pays Off

Hey all,

Just wanted to make a quick post here to say that I did call my orthodontist on Monday and I had to leave a voicemail since he didn't answer.  On the message I left I just said I just wanted to check in and make sure that things got sorted out with my new Suresmile wires, and I wanted to make sure they would be ready for the next appointment.

I called him again the very next day and this time he answered.  He said he got my message and he was glad I called because apparently they hadn't gotten approval for the 2nd plan he said.  I think he was referring to the 2nd set of wires for after surgery.  Anyway he said he sorted it all out after he got my message and got everything approved so they could finally make the wires.  He said they fed ex them next day so there shouldn't be any issues with the delivery or anything and he promised he'd have everything ready for me on 9/10th.  So I'm a little excited just to be feeling almost back on track and actually knowing this time that I'm getting something new done as far as adjustments.  I'm even more glad I called though because I don't feel like he would've looked into that unless I called. I guess it's good to be pro-active after all.

I think I'm even more excited for the meeting after on 9/17 with the surgeon since I haven't seen and/or talked to the guy since Jan 4th when I got my wisdom teeth out.  I'm anxious to hear what he says about my progress and when he thinks realistically we would be able to have the surgery.  Until then, I'll just keep plugging along!  Super excited for Fall, with so much to look forward to I think time will fly!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Pics

I haven't posted any pics for awhile because I haven't had anything new happen in a few months. No new wires or anything.  I think I'm gonna call this week to make sure that my orthodondist put the order in for the Suresmile wires so that they are ready on 9/10th.  Everybody told me that I need to be more proactive and call them more often just to have them check on things and make sure I'm not wasting anymore trips.  Especially now since my schedule is going to eventually change and I'll need to be taking off from work for them.  I always forget to brush my teeth before taking these pics so just ignore anything stuck in my teeth haha!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Officially Pissed

Well I was supposed to get my Suresmile wires in today, the final wire before surgery.  The same ones I was told I was going to have put on July 11th.  Can anyone guess what they didn't have?!? That's right, my MFing wires.  Last time the excuse was that my surgeon and the orthodondist couldn't get their schedules to match up to have the initial conversation.  This time they said that the 3D scan that Suresmile (the company that makes the computer generated wires) was missing 3 of my brackets on their copy of the 3D model.  Yet they were showing on the orthodontists side.  What a fucking joke.  I am so fed up with this process. 

So my ortho almost started to look for things to do during this appointment and he started doubling back over shit he already did.  Like make the gaps in my lower teeth to close them, I said you already did that and then the assistant had to tell him yeah hes right you did. Then he went on again about widening my top jaw and how its just about there but thats the 3 brackets they are missing on the 3D model.  I didn't even ask why I was so angry about the fact that I wasn't getting the wire I could barely think.  He then went on to just repeat what the surgery would entail which I already know at this point is just going to be the top jaw but he did say they may or may not have to widen the top jaw surgically but he said the surgeon would decide that.

So all he really did was make a few bends in my existing wires that I already have had in now for almost 3 months to widen the top even more and actually pull in my very last two molars up top because apparently they are too far.

Heres the best part, I said alright look just give me a timeline.  He said come back in 4 weeks and we should have the wire ready so my date for that is now 9/10th.  My dentist appointment AND my meeting with the surgeon are on the same day which is 9/17. He said the surgeon will make me fill out all this paperwork and he said they still have not gotten the approval from the insurance company yet either.  He said after that if hes good with everything he'll tell me to go back and get molds done with the orthodontist and then hopefully set a surgery date from there.  So I said realistically when do you see me getting surgery and he said MFing Christmas.  Then he said or even in the spring or whichever is best for you.  I think he was talking out his ass or maybe he meant just early next year I dunno.  But he insists all this isn't pushing my total time back which at this point I think is complete bullshit.  Lets hope I'm wrong.

I'm way too tired to post pics since I barely slept last night and my appointment was so early.  Going back to bed for a few hours before work.  I think I'm about done being optimistic about this whole process.  Its so uncertain and these guys talk about weeks like they are days.  I'm going back to what I was initially told now in the beginning, 18-24 months with surgery.  Next summer is starting to sound reasonable.  And if it actually does go 24, his little "maybe even in the spring" comment would almost be accurate.  Lets just prep for the worst and say I have 15 and half months left. WOOOHOOOO <-----Sarcasm    Alright I'm done ranting.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thinking out loud

Hey guys,

Haven't posted in a while but can't seem to sleep and got caught up reading more blogs to just make myself feel better about everything.  I'm expected to get my Suresmile wires in on Tuesday finally after what has been almost 3 months of waiting with no real noticeable changes.  The point of the wires that are in now was to narrow my bottom jaw and expand my top jaw which I know has happened.  I can set my tongue on the bottom of both my back teeth and it feels like a lil ledge which ive never had before.  But its been that way for a few weeks now.  Which is why I was so mad in the other post before about my Suresmile wires not being ready.  Despite all that though I'm so close to the new "makeup" date that I can't help but get excited again about my progress so far.  I still cant believe its been 8 months.

Apparently the surgeon's office called me on Monday but I just got the message today saying they had to reschedule due to my surgeon being out of the office that day (9/18).  I was like "here we go again, you've got to be kidding me, more delays".  But to my surprise she said that they wanted to move the date to the day before which was 9/17, and ironically the same day I have my next normal dentist appointment. I might just wind up taking that day off and make a dental day out of it haha.

Just read a few more blogs and it seems like the surgery date process for many have been that they just get a call randomly from the surgeons office saying that the orthodontist sent them a letter and you're surgery ready.  Also I read that most actual surgery dates are a month and half after the actual notification.  So maybe my timeline was a lil premature.  Since that appointment on 9/17 is 5 weeks in to the surgery wires I really really hope the date is no more than a month and half from that point.  Which puts us right around the beginning of November.  But I have a strong feeling that I wont get one that day like right on the spot, but I should have another orthodontist meeting like a week after that so maybe my ortho will give the go ahead at that time and then I'll have it sometime in mid-November and hopefully finish all this up in April or May.  Its funny cause every time I go it says right on the screen how many months I have to go which is 18 total which is in May and I kept really thinking optimistically that I would be done a month or two before that but I think that is looking to be more correct.

Oh well just thinking out loud like the title says.  I'll post again on Tuesday, hopefully not in too much pain cause I heard these suckers are gonna hurt!  And I will let everyone know the scoop.  Hopefully I can get some more information from the orthodontist but I'm really not expecting to learn too much at this appointment really.  Until next time!