Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Ortho Meeting Since Having Braces On

Hi everyone,

I just got back from my first orthodontist appointment since I had the braces put on.  He said everything was on great track already and things were moving along quickly.  In an earlier post I think I mentioned the fact that my front two teeth were slightly off as far as the alignment of the bottom of each of them.  He took notice before I could even ask and adjusted the wire between the two front teeth (as shown in pic) to even them out so that's good. No shaving the tooth down or anything like that. I do have one crooked tooth that needs some additional rotation and they put a power chain on and around it to get that one moving.  They changed my wires I think to a thicker one both top and bottom as well.

He said that we would meet again in 6 weeks (3/19th).  I'm not exactly sure what he was referring to when he said this next part because he wasn't talking directly to me he was just telling the girl, but he said next time he wants to add an expander to the top and narrower? or something like that to the bottom.  He said 6 weeks after that we would begin the Sure Smile process and he would begin talking with the surgeon.  I'm assuming thats where they begin to work together to get the teeth exactly where the surgeon would like them before starting surgery.

I may just be over optimistic but seeing as that my teeth really weren't all that crooked to begin with and after hearing the reaction today, I have a feeling that the surgery is going to take place over the summer sometime.  That would be 6-8 months after the wisdom teeth removal.  I just have a good feeling but I could be totally wrong haha I guess we'll see.  2 Months in already in just a few days!

Thanks for reading,


Monday, January 23, 2012

Nice little refund!

Just got news today that insurance came through for me for the wisdom teeth extraction.  I paid $300 up front and they had left me a message today stating they owed me money back since insurance covered more than they initially thought which is awesome. Any bit I can save really helps at this point.  They refunded $166.40 so I only wound up paying $133.60 for the removal of all 4 teeth.  I think thats a fair price considering I was under full anesthesia as well.

I have my appointment with the orthodontist on Thursday so I'll post about that next when I get the chance.  I'm not gonna put pictures up today but I think my bite has closed even further from last time I posted.  I'll put some more up next time.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got clipped again.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to add a few pics again.  I know my teeth are on the move, I had to go in for a second time to have the same end wire clipped again (top right side of my mouth).  I was burning through the wax pretty fast and quite honestly I just got sick of having to put it on and take it off to eat and brush my teeth so many times in a single day.  Not to mention my whole cheek being cut up.  I don't think I'll hesitate to go in going forward, they got me in within a half hour of me calling which was pretty awesome and I was only there for maybe ten minutes again.  I have an appointment 1/26th so I thought I'd save any questions I had for that rather than bother the one who clipped mine. Oh she also smoothed out one of the brackets in the back too with a tool.  It feels a million times better and my mouth is already healing from the cuts.  I like taking these pictures every two weeks or so because I tend to notice something new each time.  This time I noticed that my bite is better since the wisdom teeth removal. By better I mean that is has closed quite a bit from when I started and I think my teeth are getting closer to interlocking like they should. Feels pretty cool to move my jaw around and bite down and have things actually fit so to speak like they are supposed to.  I'll make another update after my appointment I'm sure I'll have something to talk about at that time.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wisdom teeth gone!

So I just got my wisdom teeth out about 2 hours ago or so.  The assistant said it was one of the quickest and easiest extractions shes ever seen yet so I was glad to hear.  It was my first time going under anesthesia so that was pretty cool.  I don't have a problem with needles at all, in fact I donate blood like every 2-3 months so its no big deal for me.  He put the needle in and said hardest part is over.  All I remember is the assistant passing like 3 tubes to him to put into the IV and by the second one he said alright your going to start feeling a little groggy.  I responded and said yeah I'm definitely feeling it hit me already and he later told me I nearly finished the sentence and I was out haha.  Its pretty amazing how fast that stuff works. I don't want to post pics just yet because I still have gauze in my mouth and stuff.  My sister did take a video afterward but I don't think its anything too funny from what I remember but I'll try to get a hold of that and post it later. I'm almost positive my bite has already closed quite a bit from having them out.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day before wisdom teeth removal

Hey everyone,

I posted my sisters videos below from after she got her wisdom teeth out a couple weeks ago.  She had the laughing gas and it was pretty entertaining.  Surprised the videos turned out so well consider I was driving and managed to keep her from realizing I was recording the whole thing.

I will be getting mine out early tomorrow and will be under an anesthetic for my first time.  My sister is returning the favor and driving me this time.  We'll see if any videos get produced from that.  I'll make sure to post tomorrow about it though.  Since they are being removed by the surgeon I'll try to get a better time frame on when the actual surgery will be.  I know I'm only like a month into the braces and all so I'm not expecting anything accurate especially considering how reserved the guy is.  The braces are definitely still on the move as the wires are beginning to cut my mouth in the back right side again.  If it gets any worse I might head back in to get them cut again because it made a huge difference the first time I did.  That's all for now!

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