Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wisdom teeth gone!

So I just got my wisdom teeth out about 2 hours ago or so.  The assistant said it was one of the quickest and easiest extractions shes ever seen yet so I was glad to hear.  It was my first time going under anesthesia so that was pretty cool.  I don't have a problem with needles at all, in fact I donate blood like every 2-3 months so its no big deal for me.  He put the needle in and said hardest part is over.  All I remember is the assistant passing like 3 tubes to him to put into the IV and by the second one he said alright your going to start feeling a little groggy.  I responded and said yeah I'm definitely feeling it hit me already and he later told me I nearly finished the sentence and I was out haha.  Its pretty amazing how fast that stuff works. I don't want to post pics just yet because I still have gauze in my mouth and stuff.  My sister did take a video afterward but I don't think its anything too funny from what I remember but I'll try to get a hold of that and post it later. I'm almost positive my bite has already closed quite a bit from having them out.

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