Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day before wisdom teeth removal

Hey everyone,

I posted my sisters videos below from after she got her wisdom teeth out a couple weeks ago.  She had the laughing gas and it was pretty entertaining.  Surprised the videos turned out so well consider I was driving and managed to keep her from realizing I was recording the whole thing.

I will be getting mine out early tomorrow and will be under an anesthetic for my first time.  My sister is returning the favor and driving me this time.  We'll see if any videos get produced from that.  I'll make sure to post tomorrow about it though.  Since they are being removed by the surgeon I'll try to get a better time frame on when the actual surgery will be.  I know I'm only like a month into the braces and all so I'm not expecting anything accurate especially considering how reserved the guy is.  The braces are definitely still on the move as the wires are beginning to cut my mouth in the back right side again.  If it gets any worse I might head back in to get them cut again because it made a huge difference the first time I did.  That's all for now!

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