Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Got clipped again.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to add a few pics again.  I know my teeth are on the move, I had to go in for a second time to have the same end wire clipped again (top right side of my mouth).  I was burning through the wax pretty fast and quite honestly I just got sick of having to put it on and take it off to eat and brush my teeth so many times in a single day.  Not to mention my whole cheek being cut up.  I don't think I'll hesitate to go in going forward, they got me in within a half hour of me calling which was pretty awesome and I was only there for maybe ten minutes again.  I have an appointment 1/26th so I thought I'd save any questions I had for that rather than bother the one who clipped mine. Oh she also smoothed out one of the brackets in the back too with a tool.  It feels a million times better and my mouth is already healing from the cuts.  I like taking these pictures every two weeks or so because I tend to notice something new each time.  This time I noticed that my bite is better since the wisdom teeth removal. By better I mean that is has closed quite a bit from when I started and I think my teeth are getting closer to interlocking like they should. Feels pretty cool to move my jaw around and bite down and have things actually fit so to speak like they are supposed to.  I'll make another update after my appointment I'm sure I'll have something to talk about at that time.



  1. Braces can be such a pain! I'm glad I'm past the stage of wires poking out at the back. Braces seem so archaic in way. I bet in the future, they'll be able to fix teeth instantly. It's good that your bite is moving so quickly though!

  2. Yeah at least the technology now has it down to like a 18-24 months. Everyone tells me stories about how they had theirs on for 3-4 years as a kid and that would be awful. At what point do they actually stop poking out the back though? I figured every time they would get tightened that it would happen a week or two after again. Let me know. Thanks in advance!

  3. Mine stopped poking when the gaps in my teeth closed. But it was never really that bad for me. It's good to make sure that the wires in the back are clipped enough before you leave the OD office every time your wires are changed. I didn't use wax at all because I just clipped my own wires when they got too long. Probably not the best idea. Godspeed.