Sunday, November 18, 2012

Really quick update

Just wanted to update really quick about my status.  I called the surgeon's office last Thursday to check to see if I had anything due, and the lady said that she had literally just sent in the paperwork to my insurance company right before I called.  I have Aetna as my insurance company and she said that they usually respond pretty quickly so that I should be hearing from them in probably a week or so.  With the holiday I'm guessing I probably won't hear until next week sometime and I should be able to schedule a date then.  I'm thinking most dates are a month and half out from the scheduling point so I guess we are looking at mid January, early Feb.  Hopefully 6-7 months later I can get the braces off in the summer.  Ill post again once I hear back from them. Oh I just noticed im 12 days away from having braces for a whole year.  Seems like yesterday I was just posting on here about finding out I was going to have to get them.  Time sure does fly by.


  1. Aetna is really good for this surgery. They have specific guidelines for approval, so there's no mystery about what they'll approve. Good Luck!