Monday, September 10, 2012

FINALLY Sure Smile Wires are in!

Hey everyone,

So as promised, my Suresmile wires were finally in after almost 3 months after the initial 3D scan.  It's been a long frustrating wait but at this point I was just happy to have them put in.  I actually clapped when they told me and showed me the wire and I said it was about time and they just all laughed.  Only one concerning thing happened while the girl was putting them in was one of the brackets fell off on the tooth just to the right (my right) of my front right tooth.  This happened right before the scan too but I cant remember if it was the same tooth or not I might have to go back and check my old post about it.  At the time she said oh its fine, as long as it happens before the scan you're fine.  Well this is obviously well after that, so I hope it doesn't have any effect on anything.  She said it happens all the time with the thicker wires though and it wasn't a big issue, just a pain.  We'll see.

Speaking of pain, these wires, as I have read, are like super wires.  I've only had them on for 2 hours and my teeth are so sore.  I was kind of expecting this though from everything I've read and to be honest I think I'd be almost disappointed if they weren't this sore.  At least this way I know they're working. 

The best part was my ortho said everything looks good and the next step is to set up an appointment with the surgeon.  Lucky for me, I'm way ahead of him, and I said that.  I said actually I'm way ahead of you, my appointment is next Monday. He was like wow that is awesome, that's right I forgot we talked about setting that up I'm glad you did.  He said well that's the next big step.  You go meet with him, then he'll come back to me and tell me about any final adjustments that will need to be made.  He said at the same time the surgeon will start the insurance paper work and send those over to  my ortho and once they hear back from the insurance company they can set a date.  All very exciting news.  I already can't wait for next Monday since I haven't seen the surgeon since January.  I want to hear what he thinks and realistically when he thinks I'll be having the surgery since he should probably know even better than the ortho.

My ortho said he wants this wire to work for 6-8 weeks.  My next appointment with the ortho is 11/5th.  I'm hoping that will be for any last adjustments and hopefully around that time I can get a date for somewhere in December.  We'll see.  I've posted some pics below just for the heck of it, you can't really see anything completely different other than the fact that there are no ligatures.  I'll post again next Monday, hopefully with some really good news and realistic info about the surgery itself.

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