Monday, September 17, 2012

Meeting With Surgeon

Hey guys,

So I had a couple appointments today, one of them being with the surgeon which I'll get to in a minute.  I had my normal dentist appointment first.  I don't think I've had a more successful one honestly.  They were pretty excited to hear I'm getting so close to the surgery now and just to think that by my next appointment with them, I should be only a few months away from having the braces removed.  One of the things I told them was how the grinding has almost completely stopped now since I've had the braces on.  It's also eliminated any slippage like when I'm chewing so they were glad to hear that and could really see that there hasn't been any additional damage.

On to the good stuff!  So I met with my surgeon today, he was about as glad to see me as I was him so that was cool.  He was very impressed at how far along my teeth have come.  Particularly the widening of the top jaw and narrowing of the bottom jaw, which is what my ortho has constantly been referring to and focusing on the last like 3 months or so.  Its good to hear they are on the same page.  He basically said at this point that the teeth are just about where he wants them which definitely put a smile on my face.  He took a close look at my alignment again and he said any crossbite that I had was almost gone, as much as possible without the surgery that is.  He was concerned about the alignment though and he said that he's actually considering maybe just doing the lower jaw now because according to him, my top jaw is in the correct position but the bottom jaw is slightly to my left off center.  I asked him well what about the open bite and he said he'd be able to fix that by just doing the lower jaw too and what he would do is move the jaw to my right and center it.  I dunno know how exactly he would fix the open bite by just doing the lower jaw, if any of you have any info on that let me know.  I need to do some research on it.  The other thing he asked me was if my ortho had asked me about doing something to the roof of my mouth to widen the jaw even more or wear some type of appliance.  I wasn't exactly sure but I know he told me about it before so I just said yeah and he said he wasn't sure if he'd have to do that or not.  Anyway he said there is the possibility of doing both jaws but he said he's not sure yet. He said the next step is to have impressions done and then he's going to do the surgery on those models and have a presentation for me at the following appointment.  He said from there we will book a time slot and then its on!  The other big thing was that they sent in the information to the insurance company today to get everything approved so I think that's a major step and a major sign we are getting close!

So I have a bunch of dates to look forward to now.  I've never been so pumped for fall cause there is so much to look forward too, not just braces and jaw surgery related but a lot of the good stuff is taking place finally.  Oh I almost forgot, on my way out of the office I ran into my orthodontist as he was walking in which was pretty funny.  He asked me how everything went and I told him about it all and he was just like ok tell him to call me after he does the presentation. The good part about that was I got to tell him about all the appointments that are set up and let him know the time frame.  Anyway here is the new list:

October 1st: Get impressions done at the surgeon's office.  I won't be meeting with him though.

October 31st:  Presentation by the surgeon, hearing all about the surgery (I jokingly asked them if I should wear a costume to this appointment haha). Hopefully, possibly, maybe I'll get a surgery date!

November 5th: Orthodontist appointment.  I believe he said this was basically the last appointment to make any final adjustments the surgeon wants done before the surgery.

My Surgery Projection: Mid December

So that's that!  Always good to have things to look forward to and I'm still thinking I'll have all this over with by next June or July.  Woohoo! 


  1. Oh awesome!! looks like everything is coming together.
    My surgeon was talking about just the lower jaw because my orthodontist had messed up a while back but I decided to stick with double jaw because the results are a lot better and I don't know if you have this problem but I don't have enough room on my palate for my tongue so I'll keep pushing my jaw into an open bite. I'd double check that with the surgeon.
    Congrats on being pretty much surgery ready, thats such a good feeling.
    I wonder how much of a difference the suresmile makes because I feel like my teeth have taken forever to move to this position.

  2. Yeah I think thats what he was talking about when he was saying the stuff about expanding the roof of my mouth surgically, but he said he wasn't sure if that was going to be necessary. I tried to find other instances where they just moved the lower jaw to fix and open bite and I cant find any so I'm curious as to how he would even do it. My teeth are interlocking now so my guess would be that the jaw would get moved to the right and then he would take a piece of bone out somewhere in the back to tilt the lower jaw up. I dunno I can't wait to see the presentation of what he decides on. My teeth are literally still sore almost a week later from these suresmile wires. Mostly in the back now, but they are clearly moving them around so its bittersweet. From what I've read the time to move the teeth is greatly reduced with this technology so I think I might be fortunate. Anyway I've obviously still been following your blog to the most Terra and you're super close! Good luck, I can't wait to see and hear about your results!

  3. Ahh true epicness :D Great blog btw and nice to see another bloke doing one :L How was wearing the expander since, after looking at my top jaw, im pretty sure I'm gonna need one XD

  4. Thanks man, appreciate the feedback! I actually haven't had to get an expander, the wires just did most of the expanding. The surgeon and my ortho both mentioned possible surgical expansion though but I'm not sure if its definite yet. I should find out more on Halloween when he gives me the d/l on what type of surgery he's gonna do.

  5. Hope your surgery get scheduled quickly. I have my fingers crossed for you because I know how frustrating it is. I had my surgery cancelled and then rescheduled and I thought it would be months before they would get me in but it was about 3 weeks.