Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Infection! Grossss

Hey guys,

So turns out all that leakage was an infection.  I noticed for the first time yesterday that the leakage had completely stopped even when I pressed on my face nothing would come out.  When I woke up today I was super swollen again on my left side.  Common sense would tell you thats because all the stuff that was leaking out, had no place to go anymore.  So when I got to the office for my appointment today, my surgeon knew right away something was wrong.  He told me to open my mouth as wide as I could and told me this might hurt a bit.  He stuck some scissors in my mouth and I guess cut one of the old stitches because nothing really hurt at all.  As soon as he snipped though all of this nasty ass pus came rushing into my mouth.  He was like yeah you smell that, thats an infection.  I couldnt talk because my mouth was full of it all but I wanted to be like smell it? dude that stuff is in my mouth.  So nasty.

So he put some guaze back there right away and I was able to spit everything out in another room where I waited for about half an hour until they came in and he put a drainage tube in the little hole.  He put me on an anti-biotic which I have to take 4 times a day for a week.  I'm going back in on Friday to have the tube removed.

On a good note, I feel absolutely no pain.  If anything I feel like all the tension that was on my left side is gone now even though im still a bit swollen from the infection.  I already feel like I can open my mouth a bit wider just from having all that stuff released out.  I'll update again on Friday after my appointment.


  1. Hope the infection clears up quickly now that you have meds for it. That is one thing that I worry about with my upcoming surgery. Hope the rest of your recovery is going well. Thanks for the update!

  2. How could you tell you had an infection? Did it just ooze? Or did you have any weird pain to go along with it?

  3. Hi thanks for reading. I honestly never really knew I had the infection. I mean it crossed my mind but I just assumed it was part of the healing process with the way the stitches were or something I dunno. I guess you could say it did ooze I mean when I pressed against my cheek this fluid would keep coming out and it tasted similar to whatever the most recent food I ate. Id probably have to read one of my old posts to even remind myself. Once it got trapped though and he cut it open, ugh that was really really gross, like straight pus. I didn't really feel any pain either I guess I just noticed that the swelling wasn't going down on that side and on the other side it was. I think after it was broken open I compared it to like popping a pimple like all that tension was immediately relieved and all that nasty shit was out. Hope this helps.