Monday, March 25, 2013

2 Weeks Post Op

Hello readers!

I am now two weeks post op.  I wanted to update and post some pictures to show my progression as far as the swelling is concerned.  I'm still mainly on a liquid diet.  I mostly am still eating different kinds of soups, oatmeal for breakfast, jello, ice cream, applesauce, and protein shakes.  I can open my mouth a bit more so that has made it a little bit easier to eat.  My lower lip is starting to get some feeling back in it although its not much but its enough that with the swelling going down as well, its much less messy to eat.

My chin is still numb and it might be the most annoying part right now aside from not being able to chew and eat normal food.  My chin even as I type this is like throbbing.  Its a mixture of pins and needles and I guess what your hand feels like after being in the cold for too long and then being in warm weather.  I think its gotten worse only because I think the feeling is coming back and the more I feel the more annoying it is cause its not all the way back yet.  I can feel the numbness if that makes any sense haha.

Other than the throbbing numb chin, my teeth still do hurt each time I re-band after eating and brushing.  I've been taking just normal pain medicine to help with the toothaches.  I'm sleeping completely fine and back to normal these days too, no issues.  I see the surgeon again on Wednesday and I'm kind of hoping he says I can stop wearing them to help work my jaw out a bit more and experiment with some other foods.

The stitches on my right side feel like they are almost completely healed, I just have some soreness when I touch my jaw.  On the left side its kind of the same thing as far as the soreness when I touch it, but the inside isn't as healed.  It feels like a fleshy bump and I'm still having that nasty leakage in the back.  I can press the outside of my jaw where the cartilage is built up near where the stitches were on the outside and press and all this stuff leaks out from the inside.  Honestly I still think its like food that gets back there into a little hole thats not completely closed, but it tastes like what a bad breath smells like.  Thats the best I can describe it.  I just hope that closes up eventually, I'm wondering if I'll eventually need another stitch or two to close it or if itll just heal on its on. I'm not tryin to have a hole in my mouth for the rest of my life haha.

Looking at these pictures up close is a bit gross because you can see how dirty my teeth are, and I took these right after brushing.  I had to push back my dentist appointment like a month and half due to the surgery so I should be getting a good cleaning 4/17th.


  1. Hopefully all that annoying throbbing & tingling means that your nerves are waking up - that's GREAT!! You look pretty good for two weeks post op :)