Thursday, January 10, 2013

Surgery Date!!!

Good News!  I finally got a surgery date.  3/18th!  Like all things though there is a story behind it...
I had to harass them for like 3 days after my surgeon and orthodontist met.  I kept calling everyday until finally they were like okay we'll have someone call you back today and they lived up to that promise.  Initially they said I could have it on 2/25 but they said they have to check and make sure the hospital could accommodate that date as well.  Unfortunately they couldn't get me in on 2/25 but they were able to get me a date for 3/18th.  Honestly at this point I'm not even worried about that I'm just excited to have a date finally set in stone.

I have to go back in for more models on 2/28th and I have to get my surgical hooks on the Thursday before the surgery which is 3/14th.  So those are the days I have to look forward to now.  As far as my teeth go, I just got some new wires in just after the new year on 1/4th.  They actually hurt quite a bit but it felt good to get them cut nice and short since the other ones were cutting me up pretty badly.  The wire they put in is still considered a "post surgery" wire so I still have no idea whats going on with that.  When I was there the lady literally asked me if I still felt numbness and I asked from what and she said your surgery and I was like I didnt have it yet!  So she had to go ask my ortho what the hell was going on but they didn't tell me why I was on the wire I was.  I didn't bother asking I'm just gonna let them do their thing.

So for all of those out there who find this particular post just know that from most of other blogs and articles I've read the surgery date is usually approximately 1.5-2 months after the day it is scheduled.  That's pretty much what 2/25-3/18 is for me so that's about right.  That's why I wasn't really too disappointed when they moved it to the later date. The other timeline I've read is you get your braces off 6-8 months after the surgery given that everything goes as planned so we'll have to see if that's accurate as well.  6-8 months from 3/18th is 9/18-11/18.  My birthday is 10/7 so that would be the best birthday gift ever if I could get them off then!

I'll post after the next meeting!  Enjoy the pics!

12/1/12 before wisdom teeth haha what a gap!
1/17/12 haha

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  1. Congrats on getting a date. It'll be here before you know it.
    You'll be so happy to be post op. At this point I don't even care when the braces come off, I just love that the big jaw surgery is done. Stock up on lots of different liquids and syringes. I found some worked better than others.