Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Good News!

Hey guys,

Well I didn't think it was possible, but I actually received good news today from the surgeons office.  They said they had to cancel my surgery date for 3/18th.  I just kind of assume every time I hear from that office now its something bad so I was waiting for her to say they were going to push my date back.  To my surprise, she said they are actually going to move it forward a week.  So my new date is March 11th.  So about a month to go!  Starting to get excited at just the thought of getting the surgery done and get this brutal chapter of my life over with. Nothing new with my teeth really so no new pics I'm sorry to say.


  1. That's fantastic news!! I would be jumping up and down if my surgery was moved up (if work wasn't a factor). Can't wait to see your recovery process, now our surgeries are only about a week apart.

    1. Hi there! I just read over your blog and got familiar with your story. That will be exciting since they fall only a week apart from each other. Its coming up soon!