Friday, June 22, 2012

New Pricing Info and Pics

Hey gang,

So I decided to give the surgeon's office a call to see if I could get a rough estimate of how much everything would cost for the surgery.  While I wasn't able to get the complete numbers they were able to tell me that it costs $6450 per jaw.  I'm assuming there will be other costs involved but 20% of 13-14k (80% will be covered by insurance) is almost half of what I initially thought so I'm pretty relieved to hear that.

I still honestly believe my surgery is going to take place in November sometime but its all still speculation at this point.  These past few weeks have sucked as far as the braces are concerned though.  It feels like my teeth are colliding again when I try to bite down.  I've also had to wax up a couple times in the back.  Can't wait to see what it feels like to bite down like a normal person!


  1. It always gets worse before it gets better! You just have to get through the next couple of months! Is there a long wait list to book the surgery once your given the ok? Where I'm at it was about 5 months, so hopefully either your told soon when you'll be surgery ready or there's not a big wait list for surgery times.

  2. That's a good question about the wait list I honestly have no idea. I'll keep posting as I find out more..