Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sure Smile 3D Scan

Hi all,

So today I went in to get the Sure Smile 3D computerized scan of my teeth today.  All in all the process took about 2 hours.  They started off by taking the wires old out, which at that point I've had in for almost 8 weeks I think maybe more. One of my brackets on my front left tooth actually fell off so they had to re-glue that back on which took some extra time.  I then saw the orthodontist who went right into shaving a bunch of my teeth and at times it was pretty uncomfortable with some short shots of pain.  I'll post some pictures later but he actually grinded in between the bottom row of my teeth so I now have gaps between them. He didnt really say too much this time around and was on his way.  The girl then did the 3D scan.  Its pretty much exactly as they said in the video in the previous post.  They put this white tingly glue on the teeth and just take pictures and the model shows up on the computer screen.  Its pretty crazy.  She then put on new wires in and also connected elastic ligatures for the first time on both the top and bottom.  My teeth are pretty darn sore. The girl told me I no longer have to wear the rubber band at night since I've now managed to over correct the problem.  Thank God cause it was making it pretty hard to sleep at night.

The biggest and most exciting reason I wanted to post though was because I found out lots more about my time frame and the rest of the process.  My next appointment is 7/11th and I'll bet getting my sure smile wires in.  She said typically most Sure Smile users get at least 2 sets (top and bottom per set) of wires delivered, but those who are having surgery may get more.  I'm not sure if that means I'll have to go back in for another scan or not though I should've asked that.  I have a feeling its completely computerized from this point on.  So after 7/11th, 6 weeks later I'll come back in for my next set which should be around the end of August.  It should take another 6 weeks for that to work which will take me to mid October and I should be pretty much ready.  The girl said if she was betting on it, because I really haven't had that messed up of teeth to begin with, that I should have the surgery sometime in the fall.  They said they would tell me when I need to call the surgeon and set up a pre surgery meeting or whatever you call it within the next two visits.  She said when the surgery does take place it takes about a full 6 weeks to recover.  Then about another 6 months of treatment with the orthodontics and then I should be finished.  Sooooo basically the bottom line out of all of this is I'm right on schedule, if not ahead, to be finished by June 1st of next year or earlier.  Which means only 1 year left! Woohooo!  Crazy to think how fast the first 6 months have gone already.

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