Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sure Smile Scan is Scheduled

Hello readers,

So I just had another ortho appointment this past Monday.  As they told me this meeting was simply to make sure that the wires they put in worked.  To reiterate the top wire was supposed to expand the teeth and the bottom one was supposed to narrow them.  I do feel like my bite is constantly getting better when I bite down it feels more and more like my teeth interlock.  So the orthodondist checked it out and he was said it looks good and I'm all set for the 3D Suresmile scan as soon as possible.  So I got the earliest date for 5/22, not too shabby.  The only other thing he told me I had to start doing was to wear a rubber band at night that would align my midline better.  The cross band basically pulls my top jaw to my left and the bottom jaw to my right.  I think mainly the bottom jaw is supposed to move.  I've only worn them for two nights so far and I've already noticed a difference.  They are really a pain to wear though like you can't lick your lips at night, its a lil tough to breathe cause it keeps your mouth shut for the most part, and the teeth are really sore in the morning.  I hope I only have to do this until the next appointment though but I guess we'll see.

For those of you who are not familiar with what Suresmile is, here is the link again: Suresmile.  Pretty high tech stuff haha.  So from what I've read, it takes about 6-8 weeks after the model is generated to get the wire in.  So that will put me right around the end of June and the beginning of July.  Again from what I've read its pretty much at the discretion of the surgeon at that point to make the call as to when the surgery should take place.  I'm thinking if the Suresmile wires do their job I could be all set by the end of the summer.  I'm curious though if they only make one model and the wires one time and then thats it or do they do it a few times.  They said it takes like 2 hours to make the 3D model so I'd be surprised if they do it more than once.  Plus I really feel like I'm on pace to have this whole thing wrapped up by next June but who knows. To me it doesn't feel like I have a whole lot of movement left to go but who am I to say.

Otherwise no problems with the wires poking or anything.  I've been able to bite down on certain foods, particularly lettuce, again so that's awesome.  Check out the pics below.  I'll post again after the scan to talk about that. Pretty pumped to get it goin!

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