Monday, March 19, 2012

Almost 4 months in!

Hey guys,

Sorry its been awhile since the last post, I just havent really had much to talk about I guess.  So it's pretty hard to believe I'm already just about 4 months in to my treatment.  I had an appointment today and as I stated in the last post, they put on new wires.  The one up top is supposed to expand and the one below is supposed to narrow.  I'm not sure how this all works because they dont feel any different from the other ones.  They removed the power chain I had on my bottom side to turn that one tooth and that seemed to work already since I dont need it on any more.  I dont think the move they made to even out the front two teeth worked and my ortho said they would probably just shave the one down.  The good news is I haven't had any problems as far as the wires poking me anymore which means I haven't had to use the wax anymore and that was easily the worst part about the braces altogether.

They said next time (6 weeks) when I come in I won't be changing the wires, but instead just checking to see if everything is where it should be so that they can start the surgical scan the next visit.  So I'm assuming all that will start in 12 weeks then and there might not be a whole lot of change between now and then.  Once the surgical scan takes place and they create the 3D model of my teeth, they send all that over to the surgeon and they start talking about where they want the teeth to be to prepare for the surgery.

I feel like I'm ahead of schedule if that's possible.  I did take notice of the screen today and it said that the expected end of treatment was set for 6/2013 so that's almost 5 months earlier than what I initially thought.  I don't know how accurate that is though.  My bite is certainly closing fast though by comparing the pics.  I can really feel the difference when i bite down, it gets better like every week. Its getting easier to bite down and chew and it feels good when the teeth interlock.  Anyway that's about all I have for now. I'll post again as soon as something new comes up!

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  1. It's amazing how fast teeth get straight.. I makes me want to get braces this afternoon! :) I am in point of turmoil if I want to do the surgery..