Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ok just got back from my 'first' consultation with the oral surgeon today.  I'm pretty frustrated for a couple reasons.  Number one being that he really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know or find out from talking with the orthodontist.  He looked in my mouth a few times, wrote a few things down and that was about it.  He said if I were to get surgery it would be upper jaw surgery and he said that my face wasn't totally aligned right and they might make an adjustment there as well.  Apparently my jaw is slightly to the left of where it should be.  They upper jaw surgery would entail removing some bone just about the teeth and then advancing the upper jaw forward slightly.

I couldn't really see but it looked like he had a lot of the information from the orthodontist already, but apparently not enough.  He said he needed to have all of the models and molding of the teeth that made.  One of the other things I'm frustrated at is actually at myself for not bringing the night guard.  I brought it to my dentist appointment and to the orthodontist and they didn't need it at either place for any reason but he wants to know if perhaps the night guard is actually causing the problem in the first place.  He asked me to bring that and older pictures of myself to build a timeline so that he could see when it started to happen and if the night guard is the problem since I just started wearing it 3-4 years ago.

I asked about the wisdom teeth then and if I could schedule that at least and he said to wait because right now those are the only teeth that are touching for me.  I told him about the jaw pain after sleeping and how it seems to be getting worse and he didn't really respond.  So he ended with "This is just the beginning this meeting right here."  He went on to say he'd see me in a month after reviewing everything and speaking with the orthodontist.  Then he asked me if I scheduled the appointment for the braces and I said no they told me to wait until I saw you to get the go ahead and I've been waiting over a month for just this meeting. Then he said to hold off on scheduling anything with them and that he would get me in again within 2 weeks to get things moving.

So I guess I'm just disappointed at the lack of new information.  Ever since I got the night guard it never really felt right in my mouth but I just assumed that's how it was supposed to be, awkward.  I'm about to start doing some searches to see if anyone else has had any similar problems.  I guess I'll be posting again on or before November 15th when my 'second' consultation is with the oral surgeon and hopefully I'll get alll of the next steps, pricing, insurance coverage or not etc. Oh one last nice thing was my insurance said I'd have to pay a $25 copay and they didn't ask me to pay anything so I don't know if that will happen next time or not but at least that worked out.

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  1. Hey Tom!
    I know how you feel-it was really overwhelming for me when I first learned about the extent of my jaw problems. It's a long process! Good luck with everything! I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Hey Tom, thought I'd share this, its sort of weird but after I had my wisdom teeth removed my molars made more contact. I had my braces on at the time though too. I noticed it made a difference in closing my bite although my bite still isn't closed.
    My bottom jaw has sort of wandered off to the left in the meantime too.

  3. @Max and Terra: Thank you both for checking out my page!

    @Max: I just read over your page and I think we have the same feelings regarding these blogs and how long this process really is. I'm glad to hear how far along in the process you are though. It's already awesome to know you have a set date for the surgery! Thats exciting in itself. I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress from here on.

    @Terra: I think it makes sense that the other molars would touch after removing the wisdom teeth. I think thats why he doesnt want to take them out yet because this way I'll just continue to grind on the teeth im gonna take out anyway haha. I wonder if they are going to put the braces on me first too. Did they just leave them off of your wisdom teeth then? I saw the video when you mentioned that about your jaw moving. I guess its something they will fix with the surgery. I've been following your blog closely ever since I started searching online for similar cases and yours is definitely most similar to mine. Open bite, smile bigger on one side, jaw pain, and now (according to my sisters and mom) a lisp :( I'm sure itll all be fixed in the end. Also I studied abroad in Australia for a whole month when I was in school. Easily one of the best months of my life. Let me know if you have any questions about it!

  4. Oh just when I thought the lisp was going away it got so much worse.
    It really does't get better before surgery unfortunately.
    I was looking at your list of issues and it reminds me of the list they gave me, I just thought to myself, 'did nothing go right with my jaws?'
    Ahhh yes the grinding, from what i've heard, the wisdom teeth need to come out at least 6 months prior to surgery so that the bone can reform in those areas. I was just told to have them out once I had the braces on. They didnt put brackets on them and surprisingly they came out fine with the braces, although all the blood does stain the elastics to a degree.
    Do you know when you are scheduled to have jaw surgery?
    So just the upper jaw? I have to have both because of the underbite thats now formed.
    I look forward to your posts :)
    Thanks for following my blog too