Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The dates are set!

Hi everyone,

So I had my 2nd follow up consultation with the oral surgeon today.  He had my teeth molds/model with him.  Took a quick look at some prevoius pictures of me that I brought with me and my night guard and deemed that the night guard was definitely not the problem and this is clearly something that has happened over time.  The one thing new he noticed by using the model is that I had a pretty bad crossbite.

He said first that they would put something in my mouth to expand the top teeth. I'm assuming an expander is what he was talking about (I just looked at pictures of these and yikes they do not look comfortable at all!). He said they would do something with my lower jaw surgically to fix the crossbite completely but he was a little unclear. I know he said it would require double jaw surgery to fix so obviously the lower jaw would need to be moved around.  I'll be totally honest I was more in shock of him saying the words double jaw surgery that I kind of lost track of what he was saying. This doesnt sound right to me but from what I remember he said the upper jaw surgery would occur and then he would perform the lower jaw surgery which would be a slight advancement of the jaw to have the teeth slide into place. To me I feel like my lower jaw is already protruding enough as it is.  I'm always trying to tuck my lower teeth back to try to slide my teeth into place. Maybe I misunderstood though and thats what he meant was to pull the lower teeth back I dunno.  Either way its double jaw surgery and they said it will be approximately 6 months following the wisdom teeth removal which are already scheduled for removal on January 4th.

Insurance is covering a good chunk of the widsom teeth which is solid, $300 out of my pocket to cover for them so not too bad.  Haven't heard anything as far as pricing for the surgery just yet, they said I'll hear more as we get closer but that the majority of these are covered under the insurance.  They just have to send everything (all the models, xrays, pictures, notes etc.) over within a 6 month time frame of the surgery to the insurance company and they review it.  The lady up front said this is definitely not cosmetic so you'll be fine.  Great news, in fact probably the best news out of all of this.

Wow and I went all this time without even saying that I got the go ahead to schedule the braces.  December 1st, 2012 will begin my 18 months of brace face. So I'm excited to get the process started in just two weeks and glad that the wisdom teeth removal is next year since I'm almost out of sick time as it is for this year. Thats all I can think of for now.


  1. Wow that honestly sounds so much like my case, double jaw surgery, wisdom teeth removal, 6 month healing for that. Well except I think I'm having expansion done during the jaw surgery.
    Once you start the process the time is going to start going by so fast.
    Best of luck :)

  2. Yeah I think thats why I thought your blog was the best because you had a lot of the same symptoms. He said the orthodondist was going to put something in my mouth to help with the expansion but I guess I'll find out 12/1st. What exactly did your surgeon say he was going to do in order to expand everything? If its in your blog I'll just go back and read it I mightve over looked it. Thanks again though for reading.

  3. I'm not sure exactly what he's doing. But my palette is very high and i guess a bit too narrow so he said hes fixing that. I know I'm going to have a splint post surgery for a month or two. I don't recall much of the details.
    I've heard about expansion pre surgery but usually thats either another surgery or its usually done when your jaw is still growing non-surgically.
    I'll check your blog for updates on that. I'm hoping to find out more myself on dec 7th. Good luck :)