Thursday, November 10, 2011

Heres a few pics...

Just wanted to add a few pics. 3 day weekend coming up and then my second appointment with the surgeon is on Tuesday.  Hopefully I'll have some more direction after that and I'll be able to provide some more information as to what the next step is.  I'll post then. That's all for now!


  1. Your bite is going to change so much once you have the braces on, just a heads up :p
    wow your profile actually looks really good despite having the open bite.
    You don't have that convex profile thats very common with an open bite.
    Best of luck with your surgeon appointment.

  2. When you say change I'm hoping you mean in a good way? Hopefully a non painful way? Thanks its funny I saw the pics after and I thought you know my profile doesnt look too bad. Just hope if I get this surgery it doesnt change my face all around or mess it up haha. Thanks though I'll let you know how it goes.