Friday, December 23, 2011

New pics and quick update

Those were both from 12/8/11.  These are from today:

Wow I thought I was keeping up with this thing a little better.  I just went back and realized I haven't really posted in awhile and to think I'm 24 days in now haha crazy.  Lets see, well I know my teeth have been on the move, particularly because I could see a few gaps here and there on my lower teeth primarily and mostly because of the wires in the back getting longer and poking my cheeks.  I actually had to go out and buy more wax thinking that would help but I couldnt take it I had to call them.  They literally got me in like within an hour of me calling to get them cut and I wasn't there for more than 15 minutes which was pretty sweet.  I don't know why I held off for awhile from calling them because I felt guilty for some reason like I was bothering them.  The orthodondist actually called my cell phone directly like 2 weeks in to check on how the braces were doing which was pretty cool and I told him about the poking and he was the one that told me to come in so I think thats what convinced me.  Pretty good customer service I might say.

I actually haven't really compared my pics until just a couple seconds ago and I was pretty amazed at how much movement there actually was.  The wire is almost a straight line now compared to the very first one I took the day I got them on. Of course my front two teeth are almost totally closed for the first time ever too haha woohoo.  I do have a question for those with braces already. I've been brushing like after every meal now and honestly sometimes for no reason just because I feel like my mouth gets gross (like I said before I feel like I have my night guard in all the time). You can see in at least one or two of them the brown spot above my left (your right) incisor.  I'm embarrassed to say I think its plaque but I'm hoping someone tells me otherwise that its like the glue or something.  I haven't really been able to scrape it off or anything so I dunno maybe you guys can let me know.

At this point just about all of my friends have seen the braces and they all said its hardly noticeable so the ceramics are a good bonus I think. I also think I'm getting a little better at talking as well but that could also be in my head I dunno.  I'd like to think my bite has closed too but again, I dunno.  As you can tell I don't know much but I do know that tomorrow is Christmas so everyone enjoy the holiday.  Also my wisdom teeth come out 1/4th so I'll try to get a post up about that. My next ortho appointment is 1/26th and I know I have another dentist appointment sometime soon as well I think but I forget when.


  1. I see that brown spot spot you're talking about on your canine tooth. It looks like it could be bonding material that might've stained since you got your braces on. The next time you see your orthodontist, ask them about it and they have the correct instrument for scraping it off.

    As for keeping your teeth clean between meals, have you tried a proxy brush yet? its the little christmas tree shaped brush and I find that I can't clean between my brackets without it! It seriously works wonders.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for the info Laura! They gave me one of those proxy brushes but I forgot I even had it. I plan on using it going forward though after reading your response. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas to you as well!